Thursday, October 9, 2008

New Twilight trailer...

Is coming out tonight in 3 hours and 30 seconds!!! Nuff said!

I was given a topic...

Ok, so one of the message boards that I go to has given us bloggers a topic to post about. Mostly to help those who don't update enough (read that would be ME!!!!) So here is the topic...

Did you dress up for Halloween when you were a kid?What was your favorite outfit?

Yes I did dress up but I can't really remember alot of my costumes. I am sure there were some ghosts, superheroes (Wonder Woman anyone?) and even a clown...eek! If you know me you know even at age 37 I do not like clowns (thanks Poltergeist). I do actually remember dressing up as Raggedy Ann one year. I remember because my mom had put these extra freckles on me using some eyeliner pencil and then spent an hour trying to scrub off one of the freckles only to realize that somehow the offending freckle was a real one. It was not there when she put the stuff on me so somehow it magically popped up.

Now as I got older and in my Duranie phase my friends and I dressed as Duran Duran members. Yep I was John Taylor for 2 years straight!

Then I discovered Rocky Horror Picture Show and that was it. Of course I dressed as Magenta every Friday night even if it wasn't Halloween. I do remember going to alot of Halloween parties though dressed like that.

Yeah not so exciting really but that is my memory of Halloweens past.