Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Bad Blogger...

So I am a slacker. So Lora and Angela this post is for you! Now I know I have at least 2 people who read my blog on a regular basis lol!

Not to much going on here. Bug has turned into a holy terror. Whoever said it was the terrible two's lied because 3 1/2 is 1000 times worse! Just think, she is out of school May 23rd! I know this is just a phase but I am ready for it to be over.

Scrappy wise I have been pretty busy. Now that my friend is homeschooling I have been spending most of my days over at her house scrapping. Plus with summer coming and gas prices the way they are neither one of us plan on doing too much over the summer except the beach in the mornings and scrap in the afternoons.

I had lost my mojo for a bit over the last few weeks but I seem to have gotten it back some. Lately I have been working on altered items rather than layouts. I guess the layouts just weren't speaking to me or something. Maybe it has to do with the weather. "Spring" in Virginia sucks. OK well if you live here you know that every season sucks because we have no idea what season it is going to be each day. Like they say "If you don't like the weather in VA, wait 15 minutes." Sadly that is true!

So with NSD (that is National Scrapbooking Day...yes we have our own day! I think everyday should be NSD!!) coming on May 3rd and 2 SassyScrappers having a fun filled day planned, I thought I would share some of my latest creations. So here they are. Alot of these are challenges from 2 Sassy!

I have some more layouts that I need to get pictures of and if it ever stops raining I'll get those done!