Friday, May 30, 2008

Scrappy Slump

Yep I am in one...a really bad one too! I tried doing a simple 6x6 mini album with just some randon pics and couldn't even muster the creativity to finish it:(

BUT....I am hoping that once I get my pics in that I ordered will help me get out of it. Here, I'll give you just a taste of the pics!

Yeah scrapping those pics should definitely pull me out of my slump! After 25 years I still love them as much as I did then! Let me tell you John looks fantastic! (Can you tell who my favorite one is?) That man took my breath away when he was standing right in front of me! Oh yeah...thanks to Denise's encouragement I went to the front and was 3 feet away from them!!!

Lanissa's face pretty much sums it up!

And of course I had to leave you with that last wonderful shot! Bestill my heart!

Monday, May 12, 2008

New work schedule....

So now I will be working 11pm-7am M-F. I am actually kind of excited about this! Seems kind of a nuts schedule but I think it will work well for me. Plus at least this way I can have some good quality scrappy time every single night! So hopefully I will have lots of new scrappy things to share! Guess I have no excuse now huh?